Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mr & Mrs David Pratt

Yup, that's right...her whole dress was top to bottom Ruffles. Have you ever seen something so deliciously girly?

Warning: I wrote all the details for my own memory...feel free to skip to the photos. Also, This is the couple who got engaged while skiing, scroll down to watch the video of their engagement.

I have just arrived home from my favorite weekend trip ever. I was able to attend the wedding of my Best friend from school Lindsay Smith, she was marrying one of my other best friends Dave Pratt. I am have been able to see them from their first date all the way till there glorious wedding day. They are such a sweet couple and they are so kind and amazing together. I have had so much fun hanging out with them and watching their relationship blossom.

I had to get on my shuttle at 2:00 am in the morning and that totally sucked, I was at the airport by 3 and security wasn't even opened. Soon enough though, I was on my 6:00 am flight to ATL, then to DEN. When I got there we got straight down to business, Lindsay's mom DeAnne and I went shopping and accomplished a lot in the small amount of time we had. Then we picked up the Bride (Lindsay) and took her to a makeup trial...which went really well. I told her to tell the girl she wanted to look "Naturally Glamorous" It is a Design Statement I am very proud of and will often use in the future now. HAHA.

After our busy day DeAnne asked me if I wanted to get a spray tan, this was something I didn't want but, I think she was trying to hint at something so, I made an appointment. Luckily it turned out great and I was really happy with it. The next day I babysat the one and only Smith grandchild...MAILY, while everyone went to the temple! She is an adorable girl who speaks more Spanish then English which is really cool but, a little confusing. Luckily though she did say one word in English a bunch and I as able to accommodate this... "Doggie". She loved the 2 yellow labs the Smiths have and played with them for about 3 hours. Anyone who knows me knows I hate Dogs but, I had to suck it up since they kept her entertained. I really loved babysitting her because Lindsay talks about her nonstop and shows me different videos of was almost like meeting a celebrity.

Right after everyone got home it was time for the Friends Dinner. This was such a fun night, we ate the most amazing food I have had in a long time and told our favorite stories about Lindsay. We were all dying of laughter and having a great time. It was so fun to hear about Lindsay when she was in high school and middle school. Lindsay then turned the tables on me and made me tell everyone her favorite story which is of course about me when I was only 14 years old, she always makes me tell this embarrassing story in crowds. This story is not one I am proud of and it is only one I tell to friends but, I did it for my Darling Lindsay. I will not go into the story but it is an intense one that left half the table crying with laughter. I know all those girls look at me differently now too. After pictures and announcements the night was over and we were all exhausted. We went home to keep working on different things for the wedding. Soon we all fell asleep and before we knew it, it was the big day.

All of the girls!

I made her take a lot of photos...I was trying to give her an idea of what the next day would be.

Mother Daughter.

We woke up at 6:30 am to Brother Smith saying "Good morning Lindsay Smith". He kept saying her last name every single chance he got knowing he would not be able to much longer, it was so funny and cute. Then Lindsay went to get her hair and makeup done, and of course she looked "Naturally Glamorous" (Is it weird I sing the Fergie song to spell G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S every time). She really did look amazing. We then headed off to the Temple, the car ride was really emotional for me and I was so excited for her. I kept crying the whole time because it was finally time for two of my best friends to get married. After, she went off into the temple and then 2 hours later appeared gleaming with joy. I was so excited for them, she looked amazing and he looked better then ever. Everyone was so proud and I couldn't help it, so I ran and hugged them first.

The Groom

Naturally Glamorous Bride

The Lovely DeAnne

After a very successful picture time we all headed to the Lunch in. It was freezing cold and rainy but, no one seemed to notice once the delicious food came out. It was a really cute lunch in, and we were given the opportunity to give toasts. As soon as the Father of the Bride started talking, we had a visit from our little friend...THE JACK HAMMER! I didn't know where it was coming from but there was no way I was going to let this happen, we couldn't hear the speakers every time it started up, so something had to be done. I went over to this sketchy fence to someone's backyard and climbed up to see who was making this Horrific sound and it was a nice old man. Luckily, I asked the nice man to hold off for about 30 minutes and he said yes. Luckily someone took some photos of the process, I am wearing a towel to stay dry and warm so I look crazy.

After this ordeal the speeches went on, because I was the MAID OF HONOR...I was not giving this chance to talk about Lindsay and Dave up. I wanted to embrace them but, I was to overjoyed to even think of any awkward moments I could throw back in their faces, so I tried to keep it short and sweet. I was so overcome with emotion and happiness that I know I sounded like a blabbering idiot but, at least no one there knew who I was.

After the Lunch in I thanked the Jack Hammer guy for holding off and then headed to the reception. Then...I realized I had not bought Wii Dance, Lindsay really wanted to play this at the wedding to help people get excited about dancing. So me and Deanne rushed to the TARGET and accomplished our goal. We got to the reception site and I went to talk to the DJ about Wii dance but he said he had nothing set up for after I has a few controlling moments they changed around the room for me in 20 minutes, and we were set. The Bride and Groom showed up looking gorgeous and we were ready to party.

The reception was a blast and everyone had a great time, the dancing went really well and I highly suggest people playing Wii dance at any future weddings. I caught the Bouquet and it was dramatic. Luckily...someone recorded it so, you can enjoy. After sending off the Bride and Groom I packed up the cars with the help of other bridesmaids and we were out of the place within 30 minutes. I made amazing friends in Colorado and wish I had more excuses to go back. I have so much love for the Smiths and their extended family. I was able to work hard and show my appreciation for Lindsay's friendship by trying to help her family. I loved this opportunity to serve and will never forget this weekend adventure. My flight was at 11:00 in the morning the next day and of course, my shuttle was booked for 6:00 am. I really wanted to stay and relax with the family but...I am kind of a career women now so I had to rush back. Luckily the guy called me and said we could push it back to 7:00 am instead of 6:00. I was so happy because I thought I would get some more sleep.

Rockin Bridal Party

Fellow Bridesmaids

Me with the Father of the Bride and Bride.

Their cake was so pretty, the flowers looked amazing.

Everyone was a little sad after I caught the Bouquet.

One of my favorites from the trip...Lisa no one can ever terr us apart.

By 6:00 in the morning Brother and Sister Smith were in my room giving me more praise for my small efforts this weekend. Being with them is like being with your own personal Fan club members that you have inspired for years and all they want to do is tell you how amazing they think you obviously I loved it. Then DeAnne came into my bed and chatted with me for an hour, we talked about our laughs we had this weekend, my family, my love for Lindsay, and how much I want DeAnne, Lindsay, Chelsea, and Lisa to come visit. It was finally time for me to go and I was so so so sad, I really was. When I got to the airport I found a thank you card from DeAnne, and this of course made me cry again... I looked like a crazy person; I was crying and laughing for like 10 minutes straight. It was so sweet and I was so happy for the great time I had just had that I couldn't stop. I will never forget that family and how much I adore them, it was so fun and I can't wait to hangout with the married version of Lindsay and David Pratt next fall. I really do hope to see my favorite girls soon in the big city.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Event

I have been in NY For about a week now and I have only had one dramatic melt down. I am excited to be here for the summer but I really need some friends. I have 3 friends who will be living out here but they all get here at random times, and since I have not gone to church I don't really know any new yorkers other then my roommates. But, I know this will all change soon.

My job went really good...I think. I was really scared that I would not know what they were talking about or be clueless on everything, but I seemed to manage pretty well. At first I didn't really understand one of my co-workers but now I think I really like him. He has started to become a little bit more friendly as his load has gotten lighter through out the week.

I went to my first event Thursday, Iman, David Bowie, and Nate Burkus were supposed to be there but no one really saw them. That was ok for me because I just loved being there anyway. I did see a lot of famous designers though and a few celebrities I knew. The first one I saw was Alex Mccord from the Real Housewives of New York City...and I think she is awful so there was no way I was going to say hi. I would have said something totally rude. Then I saw LT from the Show Pregnant in Heels, he was really sweet and totally funny. I had a great time and I got to hangout with Melissa Anders Warden which was really fun. I can't wait to go to more great design shows.

Us in the Booth Melissa's company did.

Us with her really nice and talented boss Jonathan Rosen. His booth looked really good.

This is me and LT

Sunday, May 1, 2011

NY Arival.

I have just arrived to NYC, it is great to finally be here. I feel so crappy from my red eye flight though. I came straight to my apartment and then went to TJ Maxx to find bedding. It was stressful having to go through a bunch of money on bedding when you don't even like any of it, and you have tons back at home, but it was necessary. I then tried to run a few more errands and after going to CVS twice I still kept forgetting to buy shampoo and conditioner. HAHA. I feel so absentee minded. I really need to get more stuff done but I don't have the energy.

This may be because I am so drained but NYC already feels so natural. I know I am supposed to be here and I can't wait to make it my home and fall in love with it. I start my internship bright and early tomorrow and I am pretty nervous. I am so scared I will get lost more then anything though.

I am currently typing on the top of a bunk bed...that's right I am sleeping on top of a BUNK BED! I thought I was passed these days but I guess not. I can't even sit up or I will hit my head, It is horrible, there goes my goal of having good posture.

Pre-New York Sherades.

I finished out another good semester at BYUI and then I went a saw Celine Dion in VEGAS! Once again, she was remarkable. Her voice was so gorgeous and her dresses were so sparkly. I loved the show and I loved the variety of songs, it was very well done. I went to vegas with my sister in Law and then we slept in the bautiful Sanit george the second night and headed to provo.

After Vegas I headed to California to help my sister Mary prepare for her 2nd baby. I thought the trip would consists of a lot of babysitting, feeding, and cleaning. Instead, she asked me to redesign her room a little, this meant I got to go shopping all day without having to spend my own money. I always knew this is what it was like for real interior designers but I didn't realize how fun and exhausting it can be. After 2 weeks her room is now more functional and a true couple's haven, its not done yet but when it is I will post pictures.

Also in the 2 weeks I got to babysit my 3 energetic nephews while my sister wen't to look for a new house in Austin Texas. I wasn't nervous at all about it but then, everyone kept asking me if I was scared so, I kinda started to get nervous. Luckily it was easy breezy and my nephews were little angels...except at bed time, but by the second night they were angels.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reall Strange.

This is a totally weird video but it is also really clever and innovative so I love it, enjoy.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

To Have an Empty Nest.

I got a new watch and I am totally in love with it! I had been waiting forever to get it since there is not a fossil in Idaho and I am very happy that I waited for this watch to come out in their new collection. But I was most entertained by my mothers reaction. Here is how it went when I texted her some pictures to get her opinion. My mother is in White and I am in green also, all the pictures I sent were on the right and my mom's were on the left.

If you notice the times, it only took her a few hours to go and get the same watch. But now we get to be watch twins which is totally unique and fun! Here is a better picture of the Watch, It is Rose Gold with gorgeous little crystals everywhere.

New York New York

As soon as I got into the Interior Design program at BYU-Idaho I started to get extremely nervous about the internship...even though it was 3 years away. I was scared I wouldn't know how to get one or no one would want to hire me. Well it has been 3 years and I have an internship. I decided the only places I would apply would be in New York so I could end up where I want to be. Well it ended working out and I will now be moving to New York for an Interior Design internship. I am so excited to be living there and I am planning to live on the Upper West Side. I will be working in Mid-town for the Design firm Jack Levy Designs, it is a Traditional Modern High End Residential Design Firm.

I will be moving there in April and then I will be leaving in August, which means I will be there for 5 months in all! I feel so blessed and I couldn't more excited, and relieved about everything. I can't wait for some friends to visit me so I can play in the city with them.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Squeels on Wheels

I had to make a video for school that showed how hard it is for people in wheelchairs to get around. So my group decided to put a little twist on it.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Emily's First Day of skiing


One of my goals of the semester was to enjoy Idaho for what it has to offer. Which means I need to start skiing. So my friends went and helped me get all of the stuff and decked me out in their gear and helped me get everything else i needed. I was already to go but, I was terrified. It ended up being really fun and amazing though and I had a blast! I did really good for it being my first time in 10 years. I can't wait to go again but I think my knees need a break for the week.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back on FL.

After being caught in Europe for an Extra 4 due to a Volcano I eventually made it home. I can't find my camera and I am really sad but I will survive. I finished my last summer semester as BYUI and it kicked my butt. I can't imagine it ever getting hardy but, I am about to enter the hardest semester yet to come. I am now at home and I finally got my first burn. You can't tell in the picture but I am very very PINK!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Loire Valley...maybe a little to much.

I just got back from Loire Valley and it was the last trip outside of Paris that I will go on...crazy. I have been to so many places and I consider Paris to be another place that I have made my home for a short while. I will talk about this more later when it all hits me that I am going back to REXY. But for now Loire Valley.

So Loire Valley is basically the place where the different Royal families would have country homes AKA Giant Chateaus. I was really excited for this trip because this is what I love became a little repetitive and exhausting. I honestly can't even remember how many Chateaus I saw or which ones were which. I think the final count was 7. But I am so happy that I got to do another once in a life time adventure. So because I can't really remeber anything I am just gonna take you though the pictures.

This is the First stop that we had. The inside was not the most interesting but it was really fun to play outside because the grounds were nice and so was the weather.

Skye didn't want to listne to the Audio Guide so I would tell her every single thing that it was saying along with hand movements and more enthusiasm. I really think that she enjoyed it.

See, I was very animated.

This was one of my favortie pieces of the trip, there were pictures all over it. You don't see pieces like this anymore.

If you ever need a human speed bump let me know. I seem to be a natural.

A lot of these pictures are taken by my friend Bart. I always love every picture he takes of me, ike for example this one. I didn't know he was taking it and I love the way it looks.

I was trying to teach my friend Skye the Waltz. She still needs practice.

A really cool black room for one of the queens whos husband died. She lived the life if a nun and only wore white. She had her room painted all black so she could mourn. She did this for about 20years.

The wall.

The Ceiling.

I loved the color of this wall and all the pictures on it. They were all pictured of the diffrent renovations the castle has had over the years.

One of the pictures.

SO I guess this is what you do if you don't want people to pay attention to what the frame is actually framing. Notice the Eagle, Crest, Angels, Fabric, Flag, Shells, Flowers and Weapons.

I may not be a good cook but I do love the look of Copper.



THis whole Chateau was amazing because of the grounds. One of the reasons why they are famous is because they have the best floral arrangements. They change them out every day and grow all the flowers on the grounds. This is basically the village where all the work is done for the Chateau. I have never seen arrangements like this, they were my favorite part of the whole trip. They were all Easter themed and so cool.

Grass bunnies on straw. Just one of the table displays.

I was mezmorized by the green balls on the bottom layer. They were soft with sharp fuzz everywhere. They were supper cool.

Look at the Bass. There were feathers, eggs, and grey leafs everywhere.

FEATHERS! I kinda like baby's breath because if this one.

I am a big fan of height.


Notice the white bark and white rocks on the bottom.

I have no idea what these were but they made me miss Florida because they looked tropical.
Close up.

More feathers but in black.

These ones were in the blue room and were so delicate and rustic at the same time.

I love all the different mixtures that they had.

Notice the real eggs. Definitely one of my favorites.

Some of the gardens.

In front of the lovely Chateau. Because of the flowers, Copper, and Gardens this was probably my favorite one of the trip. I know I live a hard life, I have to choose a favorite French Chateau.

The hole group at the TOP!

This is a traveling box that had a secret compartment for poison.

We finally found FIRE! We were so happy.

A really cool table.

I loved this chateau for all the wall finishes.

This one took the cake in Finishes for sure.

Best for Last.

This was the last stop. Super big and definitely the most extravagant.

We had 20 minutes so we decided to Rent a little boat. It was a blast!

Fun Floral.

Old carriages.

This was abviously a hunting lodge.

I know this probably goes down in longest post ever but I saw so much and had to share some of it. This last picture is my favorite of the whole trip. These are all the people that I hang out with on a Daily Basis. The person taking the picture is Bart, he is always taking really fun pictures of us and always capturing the moment. Dan is the one to the left, he is like the big brother who is always disgraced by his little sisters which brings the rest of us into play. We are the little sisters who are always acting so crazy all the time. We have so much fun together and always keep ourselves entertained. Which is exactly what this picture proves, it is the best candid picture of the trip. I love this fabulous 6.